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Welcome to Gloversville BID
Map of Gloversville, NY
The Gloversville District Management Association (The BID) was established in 2000 as an independent, not-for-profit organization. We work with property owners, businesses, arts and cultural institutions, social service providers, government agencies and elected officials in a common goal to revitalize downtown Gloversville. The BID is committed to providing a variety of services including research, technical assistance, event planning and advocacy.

Businesses located in downtown Gloversville range from corporate headquarters to independently owned small retail shops and services, ensuring a consistently diverse and vibrant business climate. BID ByLaws
Mission Statement

The Downtown Business Improvement District (BID) will serve as the primary organization by which our members will strengthen and revitalize our Downtown.

The BID is committed to becoming a valuable resource by providing a wide variety of services including research, technical assistance, event planning, and advocacy.

The BID will measure its success based on the extent to which it helps members find solutions to the challenges they face, provides opportunities for economic growth and prosperity, and improves the quality of life of the community it serves. Ultimately, by serving our members with excellence, the BID will contribute to making Downtown Gloversville an outstanding place to live, eat, shop, work and play.
Board of Directors

President: Jim Schlesier, Argersinger Office Complex
Vice President: William Rowback Jr, WCR Realty
Secretary: Donna Kenney, Leader Herald
Treasurer: RoseAnn Lauria, NBT Bank

Members of the Board:
Susan Casey, Piseco Realty
Julienne Cunningham, Arcadian Pastures
Vincent DeSantis, 31-33 North Main Street
James Dempsey, Studio Herbage
Bob Galinsky, Mohawk Harvest Co-op Market
Linda Hinkle, Micropolis Cooperative Gallery
Brandi Johns, Twin City Twisters
Michael Ortiz, Fulton County Barber Shop
Sharon Poling, Glove Performing Arts Center
Eugene Reppenhagen, Gloversville Senior Center
Karen Smith, Schine Memorial Hall
Steven Smith, Steven E. Smith, PE
Terry Swierzowski, FM Regional Chamber of Commerce
Joshua Thompson, Gloversville Community Music

Representing the City of Gloversville: 
Jenni Mazur for the Mayor's Office
Marcia Weiss for the Common Council 
Jennifer Jennings for Downtown Development Office

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